Antique shop is newly opened to swords, antiques, antique-era furniture ... Toshima-ku, Tokyo Kami-ikebukuro 3-chome!

In a quiet corner of the residential area of Kami-ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo, is the July 2013 newly opened the antique shop "Ryosendo".
Ito deep autograph sketch work of painter, etc., and, thank you because it is a shop that can meet the Kawai Gyokudō painter work.
Various antiques, of course, the beginning swords, the armor, era furniture, vases and dishes, ranging from model railroad, I enjoy a holiday you'll never forget good old art of a wide range of genres.

Charm of Japanese sword

When say Japanese sword "scary" or will be folded is better to have the image of "danger",
In fact at all of the opposite, such as "soothing cleanse the human mind", it is said to have a charm that has been hidden that full of warmth.

Same thing without the two, despite the fact that over the years, it would be one of the charms even the that can be seen as it is the appearance of beautiful at that time.

To convey the truth and splendor of this Japan is a unique traditional culture "samurai sword" to posterity, I want to please by all means know the wonderful is also to people that you did not sword and edge.



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